Daily Archives: March 4, 2009

1959: Lakefield, Sioux Valley Basketball

This looks incredibly awkward and maybe even painful, depending on how it happened. Dave Schlottach of Lakefield and Wayne Fischer. Ron Ihnen then got the ball. Given the proximity of Lakefield and Sioux Valley, I was wondering if there was … Continue reading

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1984: Proto-Geeks Have Fun?

More girls using computers! Woohoo! I like to think these kids were geeks in training (I’m big on geek pride, being a major geek myself), but they probably weren’t. Simple programming was pretty standard in the 1980s and everyone ended … Continue reading

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1959: Snow Fort and Battle

Steve Johnson, Patrick Blair, Bob Beckman, Timothy Blair and Hal Blair. I really, really love the affectionate and whimsical way this cutline is written. It very much reminds me of the games we all used to play when we were … Continue reading

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