1959: Boy Bites His Boots

Is it me or is he biting on his boots? It’s a really cute photo and very Marchy–snow and water puddles. If you’re still around, Doyle, speak up. Still have those overshoes or have you moved on to bigger, better things?

1959: Girl Scout Week

It is Girl Scout Week this week, just as it was this week 50 years ago. I was a Girl Scout for about six years, through Brownies and Juniors. After that our town didn’t have a group anymore, probably because when we hit seventh grade we all started in sports and school-related activities. They do…
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1934: Governor Urges TB Tests

This is a little hard to read, for which I apologize, but here is more or less the beginning of TB testing for cattle in the area. I was having a few technical difficulties with the site when I tried to post this and the Chupacabra post yesterday, so I’m a bit behind. I will,…
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