1901: Editorial About Politicians Still Timely

Is there ever a time this editorial could not be run? That said, I’m not sure if the "old party" refers to the Republicans or not, so maybe you’d have to modify that and fill in the name of whichever political party you were annoyed with.

1984: Sad Cheerleaders

Poor girls. I took a picture because I felt bad (not "badly," because that would mean that I am not very good at feeling) for the girls. I don’t go to games very often anymore, but when I was in high school I was in the pep band and I remember what it feels like…
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1901: Quarrantine Raised

Is it me, or is there a "not" missing in that sentence? As in "it is hoped that flourishing town will NOT regret this action"? Either way, the quarantine (Quarrantine? We don’t spell it this way anymore; was it correct then or just a typo?) was up, and the youth of Worthington could head to…
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