1959: You Scream, I Scream

We all scream… for elegant, simple package designs like this one. I’m not sure on the font for "French Vanilla," but I love the silhouette.

1934: Cutting Edge In Typewriters At The Globe

The Daily Globe used to have tourists. Not just people who wanted to see the press (which by the way is SUPER SUPER COOL; if you haven’t ever toured it you totally should), but people who wanted to see the most modern of modern typewriters. And this one is awesome. Click here or click on…
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1959: Let There Be Light, Via Lamps

It seems kind of like a Las Vegas advertisement for Girls! Girls! Girls! doesn’t it? But I actually took this picture because the light fixture is quite decent and reminded me a lot of the one my brother has in his bedroom. He bought it about three years ago, so obviously the style stands up…
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