1984: Economy And Fiscal Woes

Some businesses are offering forced leaves this year too, in response to the pressures of the economy. Just remember that it’s not a new thing.

1984: Science Fair

I’d say "Pregeeks of the world unite!" but as I recall when I was a child, we were forced to be in the science fair whether we liked it or not. At the same time, these kids were at the regional science fair. So…. Pre-geeks (and especially female pre-geeks!) of the world unite! This picture…
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1984: Heron Lake And Okabena

There are an awful lot of ornithologists/birdwatchers in the area. Maybe one of you could tell us which of these birds are still around in 2009, 25 years after this article by Ray Crippen was published? Next post at nine a.m.