1959: Car With Fins, The Galaxie Again

The car that set the fashion world on fire! Fabulous fonts and fins, and girls with poufy dresses and flowers. I love this ad. So much.

1959: Fur Coat

Yes, you too can look down your nose at the hapless proles who cannot hope to equal your splendor! Actually, she looks kind of out of it to me. Maybe she didn’t air out the coat after it was cleaned, like you’re supposed to… Next post at 11 p.m.

1959: Local Pastor Delivers Eggs To Missionary

Worthington is the “Turkey Capital of the World” this year, thanks to our turkey, Paycheck, beating the wattle off of Cuero’s equally famous racing turkey, Ruby Begonia, in the Great Gobbler Gallop last year. Worthington has been facing off against Cuero, Texas, to earn the “Turkey Capital” title for 35 years of Worthington’s 69-year-old King…
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1959: Water Conservation Pays Off

Three cheers for the American water system! We get hot and cold water all the time out of our faucets, and it’s not likely to make us sick. We take this for granted, generally. I remember when I went to Russia. They had no hot water for a week as the city was fixing the…
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