1934: The Wolff Store

Never underestimate a great work boot. You could buy these, labeled Peters Shoes, at The Wolff Store in Worthington, "Outfitters for the Family." The ad was pitched at firefighters, police officers, and mail deliverers, but I bet a lot of other people could have used these types of shoes.

1959: Little Kids Risk Their Lives Needlessly

I bet it was fun. These days wouldn’t be allowed to do this in a million, billion years. And anyone who caught them would give them such an earful. Next post at noon.

1934: Worthington National Bank, Checking Accounts

I can’t imagine not having a checking account, though these days I make most of my purchases with a check card. It’s so convenient. I would think check books were a big a improvement on cash purchasing at the time, and check cards are just the next logical step. Next post at 9 a.m.