1959: A Visit To Mr. Sexe’s Classroom

Phyllis Boots, Twyla Drost, Larry Dammer, Charles DeBough, and Gary Aanenson, of Rushmore, were in eighth grade when they paid a visit to Arnold Sexe’s science class at Worthington Junior High. Mr. Sexe is still around. He was in charge of the audio-visual equipment over there, one of us seems to remember.

1934: Mountie Talks For The American Legion

This is the Sydney R. Montague guy again. The ad has a picture, which wasn’t all that common in the 1934 paper. Is there still an Arthur Calvin Post No. 5 of the American Legion? Admission was 15 cents and 25 cents. I would think the first was for students, and the second for adults,…
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1959: Kids Do Dangerous Fun Stuff

Again. Kids would never be allowed to do this today. Safer, yet more boring, I guess. Next post at 9 a.m.