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1959: Cholera Vaccination

Hog cholera is not the same thing as regular cholera. I had to look that up, because I’d never heard of pigs getting cholera before. It’s also called Classical Swine Fever. Erysipelas can be found here. Next post at noon.

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1934: Poetry By Sixth-Graders

I think it was Safety Week or something. Memory escapes me. But Joan Dirks and Roger Russell did a pretty good job with their safety patrol poetry. Next post at 9 a.m.

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1959: Pep Up with Milk and a Happy Bunny!

Now look at how cute the Wells Blue Bunny mascot is here. Far from the grinning soulless black-eyed psychotic tiny bunny logo. No, this Wells Blue Bunny is happy and cute and fuzzy and might have made a wonderful stuffed … Continue reading

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1934: Are You a Crank on Food?

Are you a crank on food? That sounds so unduly harsh, but I think we’re looking at’s Definition No. 3 here. And a more easily understood modern sentence would have been "Are you a crank about food?" because "a … Continue reading

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1959: Girls Set Off Burglary Alarm

Fortunately, the paper didn’t publish the names of the girls, or they probably would have perished from embarassment. Heck, considering what a small town this is everyone probably knew who it was anyway. And hence, humiliations galore. Oh well. At … Continue reading

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1934: Cover Your Legs with Dogs

That is one weird ad campaign from Schmidt Shoe Store, which was selling hosiery with dogs’ names. Spaniel, setter, collie, greyhound. I would love to see these colors. A search for Phoenix Hosiery turned up a gorgeous magazine ad from … Continue reading

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1959: When Your Machinery Starts Ailing

First National Bank in Worthington’s spiffy ad for financing new tractors and farm machinery. That stuff ain’t cheap, friends. Next post at noon.

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1934: A Face Powder that Reforms Women

Jonteel, a face powder that reforms beautiful spendthrifts. Click the picture to enlarge, and read the text about the Rexall product, Jonteel. Next post at nine.

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1959: Nobles County Rocks Arbor Day

Yep. Arbor Day is not some newfangled mother-earth hippie holiday. In fact, it’s been around since 1872. Today’s a good day to plant a tree, or buy one, or just look at one.

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1959: Facts About Butterflies

And this is true of butterflies, according to Wikipedia. To be more exact, "A butterfly’s sense of taste is coordinated by chemoreceptors on the tarsi, which work only on contact, and are used to determine whether an egg-laying insect’s offspring … Continue reading

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