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1934: It’s All About the Chicks, and the Mash

A chick and turkey mash ad for Nobles County Feed, froom the Farmer’s Co-Op. Co. This is the most sensible, plain-Jane ad I’ve ever seen in a newspaper, I think. It doesn’t overstate what the product is or talk it … Continue reading

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1959: Bra Lures Men So You Can Poke Their Eyes Out

If men are being lured in by your padded bra, may I suggest that you may be getting the entirely wrong kind of men? And also, these men are going to be disappointed at some point, probably far down the … Continue reading

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1934: Tunisian Family Joins Human Zoo

"From far-off Africa came this family to live in the Tunisian village on the Street of Villages which is a major feature of the new World’s Fair that opened in Chicago May 26." Seriously, it is a little like a … Continue reading

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