1959: Chill Out, Man

This ad for Nobles Co-operative Electric seems to have Reddy Kilowatt’s lightbulb cousin in the bottom left-hand corner. Cool ad though. Pun totally intended.

1934: Buy A Norge At Rickbeil’s

The next week he offered her a great deal on 10 dozen, and she took it hook, line and sinker. He never found out she was behind the shoplifting ring that had taken $2,410 worth of fruit in five years. Next post at noon.

1959: City Employee Zapped With 7,200 Volts

John Anderson, Worthington city employee and a member of a city line crew, inadvertently touched a 7,200 volt power line when he was working at cleaning bushings on a transformer bank at the local Campbell Soup Co. He was revived by the help of Line Superintendent E. A. Bartz, who gave him artificial respiration, and…
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