Daily Archives: June 15, 2009

1959: The Bugs Are Back, With a Vengeance

It’s been so darn cold this year that we’ve been spared most of the itching, cursing and application of calamine caused by mosquitos, but in 1959 they had already returned. It’s only a matter of time til we’ll be scratching … Continue reading

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1934: Fish Bowl Sets Fire to House

Not that long ago, my eye doctor in Jackson suffered a similar incident when his office caught on fire because of a mirror. I believe there was smoke damage, but that no one was harmed and the building didn’t get … Continue reading

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1959: Man Smashes Elbow in Freak Area Car Mishap

Here’s a list of strange and freaky accidents from June of 1959, including an impalement, a dog bite, sliced-up feet and a smashed elbow. "William Stap, 37, was driving on CAR 3 south of Round Lake with his left elbow … Continue reading

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