1892: An Odd And Deadly Freak Of Nature

Yesterday I missed the 117th anniversary of a bizarre windstorm that went through Jackson County, split in half and nailed Freeborn County and the Albert Lea area, killing 50 people. I know I’ve linked the Minnesota Historical Society’s "This Day in Minnesota History" before, but it’s a great site to watch if you’re interested in…
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1934: Is It Hot Enough For You?

As of June 10, when I am writing this, no, it is not hot enough for me. In fact, I’ve had the heat on for at least three days and it is still not hot enough for me.

1959: Black And White World Advertises Color

Two black and white characters in a black and white newspaper, wearing clothes that in real life, would be black and white, are selling… color telephones. They keep their telephone in a clear glass box. I mean, even the president didn’t keep the red telephone to Moscow in a clear glass box. Of course, Commissioner…
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1934: Mutant Pestiferous Dandelions

A 25 inch dandelion root, as we say in Minnesota, is one heckuva dandelion. Next post at 9 a.m.