Is It Hot Enough For Ya?

This is fair warning for all you folks out there:

The next person to ask me "Is it hot enough for you" is going to get punched in the nose. Assuming I can work up enough energy in this kind of heat to punch someone in the nose, at least.

Yes, it is hot enough for me.

It was hot enough for me Friday night at the Relay for Life, when the humidity was high enough to condense on all my cookies and my car and anything that sat still for more than two minutes.

It was hot enough for me on Saturday when I spent most of the day sleeping because it was too hot to do anything else.

It was also hot enough for me on Sunday when I spent the day thinking "I need to clean my house" and deciding "It’s too hot to move."

It was hot enough for me this morning when I woke up with my face glued to my pillow from the heat and humidity.

It is, in fact, hot enough for me.

And tomorrow it will be hotter.