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1959: Three Windom Boys on Bikes Hit by Car

An accident on Highway 60 in Cottonwood County resulted in the injury of three Windom kids riding bikes in July 1959, when a doctor from Mountain Lake ran into them.

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1944: The Way to a Man’s Heart Is the Sight of You Wearing a Pretty Apron

The way to a man’s heart is the sight of you wearing a pretty apron, states this 1944 advertisement from Wolff’s in Worthington. Times have changed. I do like a nice pretty apron, though. It makes you feel girly, has … Continue reading

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1934: Look Up, Find a Fridge at Rickbeil’s

The women in this Norge refrigerator ad from 1934 are looking at each other and conversing, but it still looks a little weird, doesn’t it? Apparently the Norge was the most beautiful fridge ever. Next post at 9 a.m.

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1959: Hercules at the State Theater

Hercules, starring Steve Reeves, was playing at the State in July 1959. As you may be able to tell from all the rippling  muscles in the ad, Reeves was a Mr. Universe and a very famous bodybuilder.

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1944: Drink Me, States Milk Mascot

A rare Benson & Sorensen Dairy ad I don’t like (most of them are awesome) from 1944, featuring a creepy quisling bottle of milk telling you to drink its own kind. Not nearly as eerie as the pig mascot cheerfully … Continue reading

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1934: Riss Garage Repairs Tractors

Riss Garage, located at the corner of Third Avenue and Ninth Street in Worthington, put this ad in the paper in 1934, back when you could still have a phone number of 207. Riss was advertising its tractor repair service.

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2009: Links to the Past

My other blog, Oh Look! A Shiny Thing, largely concerns geek culture and random stuff I find online, but occasionally there are a few historical or retro posts that I really ought to be cross-posting here. Here are a few: … Continue reading

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1944: Hitler Orders Drastic Government Changes

Adolf Hitler "streamlined" the German government and gave the high-ranking Nazis wide powers. This was in the wake of the July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler, after which 5,000 people were arrested and 200 were executed. It was only at … Continue reading

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1944: Luverne Man Seriously Injured in Truck Accident

Elmer Toms of Luverne was seriously injured in 1944 when his truck left the road a mile south of Worthington. The truck was being used to fill the grade at the west end of Lake Okabena. Next post at noon.

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1934: Press Subsidized by Big Business!

This editorial from July 1934 castigated Minnesota Gov. Floyd Olson for threatening to declare martial law in order to resolve a labor dispute, and also criticized Olson and anyone else claiming that newspapers were controlled by big business. Apparently, though, … Continue reading

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