1959: Globe Uses Puppies To Sell Papers

Cute puppies and cute babies have been used since time immemorial to sell just about everything, and although we do not actually possess cute little news puppies at the Globe’s office now, at least you get to see the cute puppies in the paper from time to time.

1944: Nobles County Faces Wartime Challenge

The Nobles County War Finance Committee tried to get people to buy more war bonds in 1944, tying the success of Allied forces directly to the bonds. Next post at noon.

1959: Finding My Soul Mate, 50 Years Too Late

I got news for you, my mom can give any future husband of mind her condolences along with congratulations too, because I’m pretty dang careful about keeping my food separate on the plate too. I am a food separatist. That said, I would probably pick out the corn and eat it anyway, then eat the…
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