1959: Cool Off At Ehlers Steak House

Cool off and enjoy a delicious dinner in our beautiful air-conditioned dining rooms at the Ehlers Steak House, on W. Hwy. 16 (I think? Can anyone tell me if this is correct?) in Worthington. That’s right, whipper-snappers, air conditioning is a privelege, not a right. Why when I was your age, I went four whole…
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1944: Allies Bleeding Nazi Armies At Fatal Rate

In July 1944, the Associated Press brought us this very brief story about the casualties Allied troops were inflicting on Nazis. In reality, the war would continue on for almost another year, and victory in Europe didn’t occur until April/May of 1945.

1934: 19 Hogs Get Fleeting Taste Of Freedom

Vehicles still tip over and hogs still escape from time to time, which sounds a lot funnier on paper than it is in real life, almost certainly. Have you ever tried to catch a terrified full-grown hog? No? Me either, and I hope I never have to. Then again, if you have, tell us what…
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