1908, Cleveland: Murder Blamed On Mince Pie

Just a quick bonus post sending you on to the Hope Chest, which has one of the most bizarre old news stories I’ve seen in a while: a man blames the homicide he committed on mince pie. Seriously.

1959: Registering For Classes

Taking advantage of a new concept in school orientation during the Worthington high school pre-school "adjustment days" in 1959 are Sharee Meyeraan, Bill Smith and Sivar Diedrich. The secretaries to the principal look almost as young as the high-schoolers.

1944: Worthington Kiwanis Goes To War

The war is generating a spirit of neighborliness, states this ad from the Worthington Kiwanis Club from July 1944. "THIS is the American way of life that we are striving to retain and foster." Next post at noon.

1934: Bing Crosby’s Best Picture?

"She Loves Me Not" was Bing Crosby’s best picture? So this advertisement from July 1934 claims, but honestly, I’ve always been partial to White Christmas, or Holiday Inn (despite the painful and now-embarassing song done in black-face). Next post at 9 a.m.