1959: Polio Inoculation Clinic In Worthington

Nurses Helen Hatelid and Elsie Johnson prepared to give polio vaccine shots to anyone under the age of 40 from the Worthington area.

1944: Critical Cream Can Situation Is War Emergency

At least this 1944 Worthington Creamery and Produce Company advertisement that relates to World War II actually makes sense. The advertisement encourages everyone who might have cream containers not being used to market cream, to turn those containers in to the Worthington Creamery & Produce Company (phone 106). Evidently, cream cans were at this point…
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1934: Faces Are Not Easier To Remember

"Faces are not easier to remember than names!" states this rather cryptic advertisement of 1934 for… What, exactly? Well, them: Beatty & Sall’s had a series of ads in the Globe in 1934, with the top part being a cartoon with a trivia statement, followed by the explanation of the previous newspaper’s cartoon and trivia…
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