1959: Stretch Your Budget

Stretch Your Budget, advises this ad from Time Loan Plan, located at 109 North Main Ave. (phone 4-4538) in Sioux Falls, in 1959.

1944: Soldier Writes Of Dining On Captured German Food

Shorty Weaver took part in the invasion of France in 1944 and wrote this letter home to tell about it. Weaver was one of the first 2,500 men to land on the beach that day. "There were a lot of dead Jerries lying along the road. I was kinda sick about it at first, then…
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1934: Why Was This Man Late To Work?

This 1934 advertisement features a man getting chewed out by his boss for being late. Why, you may ask, was he late? The rest of the ad reveals the truth: The water was cold. His wife bought a new water heater, possibly from Worthington Gas Co. (phone 433) and "now Jones arrives early, shaved and…
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