1944: MIA Boy’s Tale Told

Earlier today I posted the 1944 notice that Captain Jerome Godfrey had gone missing in action, along with a request for anyone with knowledge of Capt. Godfrey to let me know if they ever found him. They did. The Daily Globe’s real historian, Ray Crippen, was kind enough to send me the following, one of…
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1959: We Want To Do Your Welding

The Jerry Willts Welding Shop in Sibley, Iowa (416 Second Street, phone 397) wanted to to do people’s welding in 1959. They specialized in plow work and did welding of all kinds.

1944: Worthington Boy Missing In Action

Captain Jerome Godfrey of Worthington was reported missing since July 19, 1944, in action over Germany. If anyone knows if Capt. Godfrey was ever found, please let me know, so that I can post it here. Next post at noon.

1934: Kittenball Does Not Involve Kittens

Seeing the word kittenball for the first time really threw me for a loop, but I was very glad to learn that the word actually refers to softball and its many variations. In other words, no kittens were harmed in the production of this article in 1934, this blog, or, hopefully, anywhere at all. Next…
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