1934: Kittenball Does Not Involve Kittens

Seeing the word kittenball for the first time really threw me for a loop, but I was very glad to learn that the word actually refers to softball and its many variations.

In other words, no kittens were harmed in the production of this article in 1934, this blog, or, hopefully, anywhere at all.

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  1. Kenni

    Kitten ball was originally introduced in the late 1800’s by Lewis Rober Sr. of Minneapolis,MN as an indoor type baseball game. it was called kitten ball up until the 1930 or ’40’s when it became known as softball. then it was played outdoors as a slower pitch baseball.

    Kitten should make a come back. it should be played indoors in an indoor arena or school gym(as Mr.Rober intended it to be played). it should be played by youth and adults just starting out in baseball sports. it should be played by people who have less time in there life schedules. it could be played by others who aren’t advanced in baseball sports. kitten-ball can be played by novice baseball players. it can be an all around sport.
    Kitten must be played as softball but as a slower pitch and either a soft core softball or tee ball. also a softball bat and all other softball safety gear.
    That’s an idea but it can accomplished.

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