1984: Child Learns To Use A Computer

Jennifer Anderson, 5, worked on an alphabet game on a computer in 1984. Assuming she’s still about somewhere, Anderson is 29. 30. (Edit: Hi, I can’t add!) The caption got a little smaller than I’d like, so here it is in its entirety: "None-traditional students" is a group of some of the more popular buzz…
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1959: Lake Okabena Dries Up (Partly)

In 1959, Lake Okabena was four feet lower than normal. "A gradually retreating water level has left the boathouse at the southeast edge of Lake Okabena practically inaccessible from the water. Water level is now four feet below normal at the lake, and piers come to an end on dry ground. Normally water in the…
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1944: Coke Still A Code Word

Now "Have a Coke" means "What’s the hurry?" according to this Coca-Cola advertisement from 1944. It shows thirsty Yanks at a West Indies base, drinking Coca-Cola. Possibly Coca-Cola bottled in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Next post at 9 a.m.