1984: Suicide Racing Near Storden

Suicide Racing is just another term for horse racing over natural terrain, apparently, as you can see from these photos from 1984  near Storden at the Annual Highwater Creek Suicide Ride.

1944: Uncle Sam Defends Baby’s Health

Another fantastic dairy ad, this time from Capital Dairy, and this time relating to World War II. And babies. "Every ounce of milk you give your baby means better health for him… greater strength for the U.S.A.!" Next post at 7 p.m.

1944: Can’t Serve In Armed Forces, Can Fix Stuff

Worthington Office Machines & Fix-It Shop (phone 677) tied World War II into its advertising in 1944 with this ad in the Worthington Daily Globe. "Some of us can’t serve in the armed forces, so it’s our duty to keep the home front going by repairing the old and saving the new. Call on us…
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