1959: Biking To School

And here’s the rest of the 1959 reminder to drivers to be careful for children. This photo didn’t reproduce very well, I’m sorry to say; it was much better in the faded 1959 paper and was probably much, much better in the 1959 paper when it originally came out.

1959: Reminder: Do Not Squish Small Children

A red Mitsubishi ran a school bus stop arm today and I believe, got away clean, so I thought it worthwhile to post this 1959 warning to drivers to be careful of children crossing streets to get to school. This message bears reiterating. Please do not squish small children, or even large ones, with your…
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1944: Scottish Girl Advertises For Thrift

This Benson & Sorensen Dairy ad from 1944 uses a Scottish girl to advertise how thrifty drinking milk is. When did Scottish people become known for their thriftiness, anyway, and is it really proper to wear a bow tie with a kilt? I didn’t think women wore kilts anyway, strictly speaking, though they do wear…
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