1959: Very Old, Very Odd-Sounding Slang

"Tomato" was a slang term for a woman or girl, and depending on the source, an attractive woman or girl, according to dictionary.com, and "The Drunkard" was a popular temperance play prior to the turn of the century. Both were references in this 1959 Abbie ‘n Slats comic.

And yes, I know, I’m posting a lot of these, but 1. I like them and 2. this one had cool old slang I hadn’t heard before.

If you really hate the comics, please tell me.

(Also, if a playwright wanted to put you into one of his plays, wouldn’t you look up his previous work before you agreed to it? I know there wasn’t an internet, but surely there were library systems in 1959… or didn’t they allow you to request books then?)

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  1. Kari

    I’m not sure we could, since we don’t have the copyright for anything not locally produced.

    Technically I may be infringing by posting any of these, but I’m really hoping people like the little samples enough to go out and buy some of Raeburn Van Buren’s other work.

    I know I’m thinking about it, though a lot of it seems to be out of print.

    And most people seem to have entirely forgotten this fascinating comic even existed. Even on the internet, which has just about everything, I couldn’t find a lot of information about it.

    Maybe this blog will come up when people search for Van Buren’s work so they can at least see a few samples.

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