1984: Harris Boys Play On The Sod

Jesse and Daniel Harris run along rolls of sod waiting to be planted along West Shore Drive in 1984.

1959: Oct. 8 Snowfall Was Earliest On The Record

The snow fell Oct. 8 in Worthington, and was the earliest snowfall there on record in 1959. Take solace, folks: Rotten weather isn’t new. … actually that’s not all that cheerful of a thought, is it? Next post at 6 p.m.

1944: French Forces Drive To Rhine

A fairly typical newspaper from November 1944 features the war in Europe as a power headline, the war in Asia as a close runner-up and some local news here and there sprinkled throughout the page in little dribbles. Next post at 4 p.m.

1959: Snappy Suits Are Provacative

Although this sheath dress of 1959, with its cinched waist and wide collars, is terribly cute, I’m not sure it qualifies as "provocative." Next post at noon.