1959: Faces Of Good Neighbors

Good neighbors of Anton "Tony" Ebner, who was a patient at the U of M hospital in 1959, were: John Ebner, Bob Ferguson, Dick Horkey, Clarence Mixner, Joe Hullerman, Dan Fest, Harold Stenzel, Frank Ebner, Ralph Bannell, Orville Hegstead, Jim Horkey, Walt Horkey, Darrell Utech, Tony Schanda, Jerry Pelzel, Sylvester Pelzel, Dan Stenzel, Ray Liepold, Jay Clausen, Wilber Beerman, George Mathias, Bill Libra, Clayton Mathias and Clifford Brunning.

The women, as was the custom, prepared the lunch: Mrs. Clarence Mixner, Mrs. August Freking, Mrs. Anna Ebner, Mrs. Darrell Utech, Mrs. Dick Horkey, Mrs. Jim Horkey, Mrs. Jay Clausen and Mrs. Bill Libra.

The question is, why did Anna Ebner get her own first name? Was it just a random thing, did she tell the photographer that she wanted to be noted that way, or did this mean she was a widow or some other thing?

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