1984: Minnesota And The Cheese Stand Alone

Minnesota did not vote for Reagan in 1984, and all 49 other states did, prompting this Globe headline: "Minnesota stands alone."

1959: Evil Writer Gets What’s Coming To Him

And this is how the 1959 plotline I’ve been showing from Abbie ‘n’ Slats ended: The evil writer got the snot beat out of him onstage by the people he was trying to make look bad. And the play got excellent reviews. Next post at noon.

1944: Pillsbury’s Best Laying Concentrate

Pillsbury Mills, Inc (phone 2-2721) was located on 1301 Sherwood in 1944, and sold No-Mix Laying Concentrate, with corn or sorghum, oats and barley. A rare 1944 ad with no reference to the war, unless you count "balance their own ration." Next post at 9 a.m.