1984: Roc-Lon Insulated Lining

You could get free Roc-Lon insulating lining in 1984 with the purchase of drapery from Hanson’s Town & Country. Now the company is Roc-lon and they sell lots of drapery-related things, some of which are very pretty, from what I can see.

1959: It Takes A Big Turkey

The Iron Mining Industry of Minnesota produced this rather strange advertisement in 1959 that attempted to connect a Thanksgiving turkey with iron mining. I’m not saying they did a bad job with it, but it’s a little weird. Next post at noon.

1944: English Author Arrested By The French

Prominent English author P.G. Wodehouse, who created the butler Jeeves character, was arrested by the French in 1944. The way it sounds, the Germans had conned him into doing some broadcasts that made it look like he was collaborating with them. MI5 decided he was an idiot, but not a traitor, and that was the…
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