1959: It Takes A Big Turkey

The Iron Mining Industry of Minnesota produced this rather strange advertisement in 1959 that attempted to connect a Thanksgiving turkey with iron mining. I’m not saying they did a bad job with it, but it’s a little weird.

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  1. Howard

    Kari, the point of the advertisement was the iron mining industry to build good will for themselves with other parts of the state. In this case, they placed the ad in the Globe because they thought saying good things about turkeys in a turkey raising area would boost their image. Were there a lot of turkeys being raised in the Worthington area in 1959?

  2. sea town

    I agree, Kari, that the ad is more than a little weird. I don’t think they bought space in the Globe because they were trying to curry favor with poultry producers. If they were, they would have made a more direct reference to turkey production around Worthington. Instead I think they placed those same ads in newspapers all around the state.

    As you no doubt know from looking at many old newspapers, those iron ore industry ads appeared regularly. Reading them as a child, I could never figure out exactly what they were trying to accomplish with their advertising. I think 1959 was around the time the pure ore was running out and they were beginning the mining of taconite. Maybe a historian could tell us they were facing greater regulation or some other kind of opposition.

  3. Kari

    There were indeed a lot of these ads in the Globe, and they were big ones, too–probably pretty spendy for the time.

    Howard could be right about attempting to curry favor with turkey producers for the iron range, but it’s still a little odd considering how much money it would’ve cost. I’m not sure what was going on there. If I get a chance I might do a little research on the subject.

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