1984: Roc-Lon Insulated Lining

You could get free Roc-Lon insulating lining in 1984 with the purchase of drapery from Hanson’s Town & Country.

Now the company is Roc-lon and they sell lots of drapery-related things, some of which are very pretty, from what I can see.

2 Responses

  1. Roxanne Hayenga Textile Treasures

    I actually sell the roc-lon blackout lining and it really does help with energy efficiency as well as keeping the sunlight out. I sold some to send to a brother that lived in Finland (where in the summer it’s daylight all the time). I guess I would have thought it had been around longer than that.

  2. Kari


    I had no idea, but speaking from experience (7 weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the summer) it is definitely useful to have real light-blocking window lining when the sun only goes down for an hour or two every night. I bet your brother really appreciates the gift.

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