1959: Black Monday In Worthington

In 1959, Black Monday didn’t refer to a shopping day of any kind or a stock market crash; it referred to an electricity blackout that had people shivering.

1944: The Man Who Killed Rommel

Only one problem with this 1944 photo caption about the man who killed Rommel: Rommel was killed by Rommel. After being implicated in the plot to kill Hitler, he committed suicide. My guess (and it is a guess; I can’t find much about this from a cursory web search) is, Lt. Miller was the one…
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1934: Area Children Write To Santa

The Daily Globe used to publish letters to Santa Claus, and in 1934 there were record-breaking numbers of letters, many of which were pretty darn cute. Here are requests for a blackboard set, a telephone, a picture book, train and toy horse, from Fenella Harberts of Reading and Betty Lou Thompson of Kinbrae. There are…
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