1959: Annie Oakley Shaving Ad?

This 1959 advertisement for a Norelco Speedshaver featured a photograph of a girl dressed like a cowboy, or Annie Oakley, or something. The connection between cowgirls and shaving is a little tenuous, but who am I to argue?

1944: The Other Abominable Snowman

It is patriotic to hoard coal, stated this 1944 advertisement from Farmers Coop Co, because "dealers stocks will be kept at maximum to provide for any emergency." Next post at noon.

1934: Cornerstone Of New Post Office Laid

The cornerstone of Worthington’s new post office building was laid in 1934; it is not the same post office we have now. But the old post office building is still around, right across the street from the Daily Globe. Next post at 9 a.m.