1959: Willie Wirehand Touts Electrical Gifts

Willie Wirehand touted electrical gifts from Nobles Cooperative Electric in 1959.

1944: No Victorious Homecoming Til The Last Jap Defeated

This 1944 advertisement from Wick’s Jewelry Store (dial 2-4801) advised people to buy war bonds, because "There can be no victorious homecomings until the final Jap has been defeated. And there must be no end to the buying of War Bonds until the great cost of war is at an end." Next post at 1944.

1934: All I Want For Christmas

More Christmas letters to Santa from 1934, this time from Bertha Louise Kuehl of Brewster, Violet Vosberg, Gladys Vosberg and Earl Anderson of Worthington. Children in 1934 wanted dolls, puzzles, games, dishes, a doll, candy, nuts, a printing set, and a little car. Several children thanked Santa for the penny he’d given them the year…
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