1959: Fashions From Whipkey’s Dress Shop

Speaking of style, while I wouldn’t kill for the dress this illustrated model is wearing in the 1959 Whipkey’s Dress Shop ad, I would consider maiming. New Fashions for the Party Season. Festively Yours (in a pretty cool font), with lots of stars. I really can’t tell you how  much I love this advertisement, other…
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1944: Give An Electric Stove For Christmas

Rickbeil’s Hardware had this stylish advertisement for an electric oven in 1944 (only $99.50). The housewife is stylish too, although she does seem to be cooking in high heels. I don’t cook in high heels, though I have been known to use an apron. Next post at noon.

1934: Maurice Chevalier Was Not Born Old

This 1934 advertisement for "The Merry Widow" proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Maurice Chevalier was not always a jovial and slightly creepy old man. Next post at 9 a.m.