1959: Killer Dogs Shot Dead

Hunters converged on and killed two marauding dogs that had killed livestock in 1959. Ray Crippen‘s lead here is just fantastic: "Give the devil dog his dues; he was a remarkable animal and the story of his death is a tale worth the telling." Most of my readers probably already know this, but Crippen is…
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1944: Bigelow Lieutenant Heads For Arkansas

In 1944, Lt. Donald Kramer of Bigelow had arrived recently on his first leave in almost four years, three of which were spent in the Pacific theater. He was to report to Hot Springs, Ark. for reassignment. He looks so very, very young. Next post at noon.

1934: Lack Of Coffee Leads To Violence

Most people just get cranky when denied their morning coffee, but a transient who was denied "money to buy a cup of coffee" got violent and hit local Roy Fitch right in the face, giving him a nasty gash. But Fitch was a policeman, and subdued the transient and brought him to jail. Next post…
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