1959: Give The Holy Bible For Christmas

Yes, I know, Christmas is over, but I have some extra Christmas ads from earlier in December, so bear with me. This 1959 advertisement from Herbert’s, (a Rexall pharmacy) advises people to give the Holy Bible for Christmas.

1944: Stressed From The Holidays And The War? Drink Milk!

Benson & Sorensen Dairy recommended people should drink a quart of milk a day in 1944, and I think I spy a World War II reference in the ad. Milk "provides extra food energy which you need especially in these times of work, stress and worry." Next post at 5 p.m.

1934: Santa To Appear In Worthington, Terrify Children

I’m guessing it’s just the poor scanning job I did on this advertisement for a Santa appearance in Worthington in 1934, but this Santa looks kinda scary to me. After a wacky holiday, Reprint is back. I’ll try to post a couple of extra things today and tomorrow to make up for missing two days.…
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