1932, 1959: Patrol Boys Recognized

In 1959, Dave Schumann, one of Worthington’s latest School Patrol boys, tried to fit a patrol belt on Richard Koeneke, one of the city’s first patrol boys back in 1932.

1944: Turkey Day Revival Planned For 1945

People decided to bring back King Turkey Day for 1945 after having skipped a year (or two? I’m not entirely certain, given the text; one of you folks know the answer to this?), mostly because they were afraid of losing the name and date to some other town. Dean W. Donald Olsen of Worthington Junior…
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1959: Safecrackers Break Into Luverne Safe

Burglars went through a cement block wall and into a safe in Luverne in 1959, but only succeeded in stealing 5 packages of cigarettes. All that’s kept in the safe are shotgun shells and clay pigeons for trapshooting.