1945: Allied Armies Push Advance, Front Page Of Globe

Allied Armies Push Advance, stated the January 1945 Daily Globe. There’s plenty of news about the war  in Germany here, including an arrest of German spies and a penetration of the Bulge in Belgium.

1960: Slats Appears, Happy Endings For Blind Woman

This 1960 Abbie ‘n Slats comic has Slats! That guy is Slats! I had no idea. He’s been in the comic for this whole storyline and I never knew! The storyline ends in a happy ending when the blind girl who mistook Slats’s voice for her boyfriend Ross’s voice finds her real boyfriend, who left…
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1944, 1945: The Year In Review, Cartoon Style

Note the housing problem in the bottom right in this Year in Review from New Year’s 1945. I guess some things never change. Next post at 9 a.m.