1985: Big Perm, Before And After

I know it’s very unkind to run perm ads from 1985, but I can’t quite help it. Here we have a much better example of the breed than usual, and it comes from Regis Hairstylists; although current styles would favor the "before" picture over the "after" picture, both of them are pretty good considering the…
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1960: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Winstons

From the wonderful Fredi Lowry, one of my favorite Daily Globe columnists, came this 1960 column filled with silly stories, mostly involving children. Lowry died last year. If you haven’t checked out her columns, you should; I’ve posted a few of them on this site.

1945: Handicapped Veterans Should Easily Find Jobs If Employers Cooperate

This 1945 Daily Globe editorial put the burden and responsibility of hiring disabled veterans after the war with the employer, stating "If employers throughout the nation do their part in providing jobs for handicapped persons, returning veterans need have no fear that their injuries will make them economically useless."