The Return Of The Son Of The Sequel To The Blog

And we’re back after a brief hiatus, with tons of extra historical posts to make up for our absence. Note that I’m posting them below, not above, so… Scroll down and enjoy!

1985: Farm Crisis And A Tractor Trek

A tractor drove through Worthington on its way from Canada to Mexico in 1985 in "an effort to dramatize the need for a minimum price bill and lower interest rates to help farmers survive."

1960: Local Airport Sees Building Boom, Air Traffic

There was a sharp uptick of traffic at the Worthington Municipal Airport in 1960.

1945: PFC Woltjer Wounded At Avranches, France

PFC Menko Woltjer of Little Rock Township, was home (in the United States) for treatment in Michigan after he suffered a leg wound in the attempted German breakthrough at Avranches, France, on August 15, 1945. He was continuously in action from D-day, June 6, until he was wounded.