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1985: Turned Up Collars Were Cool

Turned-up collars were cool in 1985, at least, if you believe this advertisement from Enderson Clothing, Inc. and I certainly do. Note the Cosby Sweater; I had at least a few sweaters in my wardrobe that were far, far, far … Continue reading

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1960: Black and White Ad in a White and Black World

This Terrace Park Dairy advertisement from 1960 really stood out from the rest of the newspaper, because instead of having a white background with black text, it has a black background with white text. That said, it’s hard to illustrate … Continue reading

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1945: Pepsi-Cola Advertises to Mystery Fans

Pepsi’s ad niche in 1945 was not as clear as Coca-Cola’s. As far as I could tell, Coca-Cola tied itself heavily to the war effort. Pepsi also had far fewer ads in the Daily Globe in 1945, and this is … Continue reading

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