1985: Turned Up Collars Were Cool

Turned-up collars were cool in 1985, at least, if you believe this advertisement from Enderson Clothing, Inc. and I certainly do. Note the Cosby Sweater; I had at least a few sweaters in my wardrobe that were far, far, far worse than this.

1960: Black And White Ad In A White And Black World

This Terrace Park Dairy advertisement from 1960 really stood out from the rest of the newspaper, because instead of having a white background with black text, it has a black background with white text. That said, it’s hard to illustrate ice cream. Next post at noon.

1945: Pepsi-Cola Advertises To Mystery Fans

Pepsi’s ad niche in 1945 was not as clear as Coca-Cola’s. As far as I could tell, Coca-Cola tied itself heavily to the war effort. Pepsi also had far fewer ads in the Daily Globe in 1945, and this is one of them, which makes sure to note that the franchised bottler was Pepsi-Cola Bottling…
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