1985: Rushmore Implement Supports Farm Rally

Steve Lindemann, parts manager at Rushmore Implement, stands beside a placard pledging support for a State Capitol farm rally on January 21, 1985.

Arba Johnson, who has run the dealership for 22 years, says he will be one of the numerous businesses and schools across the region who will lock their doors to support farmers at the rally.

Organizers hope to march 100,000 people to Gov. Rudy Perpich, asking for help in fighting the current farm depression that is wounding farmers and businesses alike.

Posters such as Lindemann’s dot business windows across the state.

The Farm Crisis was major news in this part of the state, and I will continue to post the Daily Globe’s local coverage of it.

Rushmore Implement has been closed for a while now, though I’m not sure of the precise date. We think it was sometime after 1988; if you know, please post a comment on this blog and I’ll update the post.