1985: Bank VP Threatened Over Farm Crisis

A "group of concerned farmers" called a Norwest Bank Worthington vice president and threatened him in 1985, during the Farm Crisis. Next post at noon.

1960: Cute Puppy Gets New License

Joe Tripp’s dog Popcorn got a new license in 1960, just as he was supposed to, at the city office in Worthington. Here, Evelyn Grant explains the rules for dog licenses to Joe and Popcorn too, and considering one is a small boy and the other is a dog, they look remarkably attentive. Next post…
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1945: Keep Your Bonds For Victory!

Worthington National Bank advertised "A Happy Balance for a HAPPIER LIFE" in 1945, adding "And a happier life can be had only through a careful planning of your expenditures. To this end put aside a definite amount for War Bond purchases for greater security of your family and to assure your getting what you want…
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