1985: The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

This 1985 photo worked really well because it was put into the paper at the largest possible size, making the expanse runner Tom Hanson of Rushmore had to cross in the winter seem larger, more desolate and colder. We don’t often run photos this size, but this one was more effective because we did.

1960: Lanterns Good, Electricity Better

This 1960 Nobles County Co-Op Oil, Farmers Cooperative Company and Nobles Cooperative Electric advertisement recalls when farmers made do with lanterns when all their town relatives were using electricity. I wonder if we’ll be talking about broadband for farmers this way in 50 years? Next post at noon.

1945: Baby Born, DAR Meets, Boron Hardens Steel?

These three very short pieces appeared together despite being about completely, totally different subjects, in the 1945 Daily Globe. The third one is the one I find weird–"Extremely small amounts of boron increase the hardenability of steel." Next post at nine a.m.