1985: Kidnapped Boy Comes Home Again

Bobby Smith was kidnapped and spent 2 years with his kidnappers, to be rescued in 1985. This article from People magazine tells the full story, but it seems to skirt the edge of blaming the victim at times; what do you think?

1960: Minnesota Winters Are Warming Up, Arctic Ice Cap Thinning, Glaciers Receding

Minnesota’s average winter temperature had risen 4 degrees in the past 100 years, as of 1960. This was prior to the 1970s global cooling scare. Next post at noon.

1945: Nazi Spies Caught By Kid

Harvard Hodgkins, who was 17, helped catch two Nazi spies who came to New England, probably from a German U-Boat, in 1944. It’s a fascinating story, and it just goes to show that anyone can make a difference by being observant and quick-witted.