1985: Snow Cone?

Tom DeWall took this photo of a dead dandelion forming a snow cone in 1985. And it’s a great photo. Photographers see things other people don’t see; that’s why simply owning a digital camera and a copy of Photoshop isn’t enough.

1960: Beauty Shop To Open In Rushmore

Rosann’s Beauty Shop in Rushmore was open Tuesdays through Saturdays in 1960, operated by Rosann Boots. Next post at noon.

1945: AWOL Nobles County Soldier Attends Child’s Deathbed

Cletus Watts was reported absent without leave in 1945, because he went to the bedside of his dying 3-year-old son. Afterward, Watts was going to report to Minneapolis and was likely going to receive a pass to return to Worthington. What a dreadful tragedy for the family, and I hope they weren’t too hard on…
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