1985: Adorable Baby Girl Yawns

Kristina Marie Kraft was born in 1985, and she was absolutely adorable in every way. But if looks could kill, we’d be toast. Hilarious and cuuuuute!

1960: Kitchen Telephone Is A Wife’s Greatest Convenience

A greatest convenience of a wife’s time is a kitchen telephone, or at least so this 1960 Worthington Telephone Co. ad assures us. "There isn’t a wife today who couldn’t use the time and energy that’s saved each day by a kitchen telephone. No more running to answer a ringing phone in another part of…
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1945: Round Lake Chaplain Promoted To Captain

Chaplain John Mulholland, who was pastor at the Presbyterian church in Round Lake, was promoted from first lieutenant to captain in 1945, having seen service in France and Belgium. Next post at nine.