1935: The Nobles County Times And Changing News Styles

The Nobles County Times front page in February 1935, or at least, the top part of it.

Newspapers used to run a lot more stories, but they were extremely short and in many cases, left you wanting a lot more information.

One headline good. Two headlines better. Three headlines much better. Four headlines AWESOME. Five headlines FOR THE WIN.

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2 Responses

  1. Vorn

    I love how the 5th column has the 7-column headline, the 7-column subheadline, a 1-column headline that has precisely nothing to do with the 7-column headline, a 1-column subheadline, a 1-column headline only tangentially related to the first 1-column headline, and then a 1-column subheadline for /that/ headline.

  2. shiny

    Pretty typical for 1935 though. I’m guessing the line of thought behind it is that people read left to right, so spraying the biggest headline across the whole page and linking it to the subheads at the far right side will get you to read the right side first.

    Then you’re forced to go back to the left and start over when you’re done with that article.


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